Saturday, December 26, 2009


So, the initiation commences. This is the training blog: a place to record workouts, events, thoughts, and hopefully stunningly perceptive insights into human performance. But today was really none of those things. Props to the fact that I awoke when I said I would ( 6AM) and made it to the gym according to plan. A little later than hoped for though, because I needed the obligatory cup of tea, but also because of vehicle mishaps. Still, I was in the gym by 7AM, and had a good workout. The day after Christmas at 7AM: busy or no? Not terribly busy, but more folks than I expected, enough that I had to modify the flow of my workout. I artificially put a time crunch on myself thinking the rest of the family would be up, getting coffee and ready to drive to the mountains so I rushed a little. The result? I forgot to do leg extensions and leg curls. Not the end of the world, but I am building some momentum in the gym for the first time in a couple of years, and I want to build on this before the endurance season begins. I have added some weigh to key lifts without undue soreness, so that is a victory. From here I want to change the routine a little by adding an exercise and changing another to keep my body guessing a little. The most important next step though is yoga. Tomorrow the primary goal is to to do a solid yoga practice: complete and balanced but only about 30-45 minutes. SO far I have stuck pretty close to my goal of one hour of exercise daily. I have definitely averaged that. With some some good yoga I will easily reach that goal, but while at Shannon's house, there just wasn't really enough space. But now I am here in Tahoe, with a wood burning stove, mat, and space.

10 min. Rowing Machine
1x20 DB Pull Through Warmup
1x20 DB Side Bend/Toe Touches
3x10 Reverse Lunge
3x10 Chest Press
3x8 Pull Up (assisted)
2x25 Crunch Bench
2x10 DB Shoulder Press
2x10 DB Upright Row
2x20 Knee Up
2x10 BB Curl
2x10 DB French Press
2x10 Truck Driver