Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Crash

So while the purported 60,000 New Year's Eve partiers slept of there new decade enthusiasm, we continued our recent tradition of skiing on New Year's Day. The blackout period of our season passes has ended, and the hill is not crowded. Time to make some turns! For my niece, Gabrielle, this is probably her favorite thing in the world: skiing with her uncle and grandpa and especially her dad. It's not often that her dad skis with her since usually my dad and I take her. (We are the enthusiastic skiers in the family) So we had a nearly perfect session on the hill even though the weather was nasty and cold, and I tweaked my knee trying to goof off with 70s fresstyle. But the highlight of the day was the chairlift crash, which happened right in from of my eyes, while I was powerless to help. Enjoy!

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